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The formal definition of being “classy” also doesn’t add much to understanding what class means in the context of dating and attraction. More »

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In Old Testament times, everyone was expected to be married and have children (Proverbs , Jeremiah 29:6). More »

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A "cookie" is a small bit of record-keeping information that sites often store on a user's computer. More »

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To use this calculator, enter the age ranges of the head of households you would... More »

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Cover art by penciller Jack Kirby and inker Steve Ditko. More »

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Let me say that again: a mind-boggling number of men out there think it’s ok to beat, rape, and kill women. More »

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Gone are the days of going to the video store or having to pay for quality porn. More »

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In 2013, Mary Kay Beckman sued for million after a man she met on the site came to her Las Vegas home with a knife and an intent to kill. More »

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→ Comparison formulas also make use of Excel’s logical functions, so see “Adding Intelligence with Logical Functions,” p. The two types of formulas that I discussed in the previous sections, arithmetic formulas and comparison formulas, calculate or make comparisons and return values. Text formulas use the ampersand (&) operator to work with text cells, text strings enclosed in quotation marks, and text function results. More »

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Its my understanding it was the only review that gave it such a score. More »